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Payment Methods Below is a list of payment methods Ithaca College Bookstore accepts.

  • Cash/Check (In-store Only)
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
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  • American Express
  • ID Express (In-store Only)


  • What Does Textbook Condition Preference Mean? During checkout you can indicate whether we can substitute Used for New or New for Used if your preference is not available.If you elect to substitute and we don't have your first choice we will automatically provide you with that same title in the condition we do have in-stock. Please note: when a textbook condition substitution occurs there is a change to the final total price of the order.

  • What's an ISBN? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of the book near the bar code, or on the copyright page of the book.

  • Availability of Merchandise Our goal is to provide you with all the products and services that have been made available through the website. On rare occasions, some items and services may not be available at the time of purchase. If this happens, we will make every reasonable effort to provide you with the item or service requested.


  • - Textbook information posted on this site is correct as we currently know it.
  • - Be aware that the site will be updated daily as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from vendors.
  • - Changes, modifications and additions to course and textbook information may be made at any time up to and including the first weeks of the semester for which list has been provided. Changes may result from faculty changes, new book editions or adoptions, publisher changes, or class cancellations.
  • - If a course is not listed, the Campus Store has possibly not gotten an order or the instructor does not require a text for that course.
  • - The information provided (ISBNs and required/recommended/optional status) is not meant as a guarantee for purchases made other than at the Ithaca College Campus Store. Any purchase made with other vendors which were based on this site's information are made at the purchaser's risk and will not be guaranteed by the Ithaca College Campus Store.
  • - For this reason, please note that the Campus Store will not make exchanges, refunds, or any other compensation for books mistakenly purchased from any other sources utilizing the information below.
  • - Any purchases made at this website will be subject to the Ithaca College's return policy which is also posted on this website. 
  • - Used and New course material inventory is subject to change; therefore substitutions may be necessary. 
  • - All pricing information is subject to change without notice